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One of the main deliverables of the ROCKIT Impact Accelerator was the pilot projects between corporates and startups. Check the videos below and learn more about the pilot projects:

Earthbanc and Swedbank

Rockit Impact Accelerator was a great journey not only for startups but for our partners as well. Earthbanc has delivered not just a footprint report for the Swedbank's clients, but also gave personalized insights about carbon reduction, market averages by industry, and potential cost savings tips.

Datahood and Telia

It was a great exercise for both Telia and Datahood. Their pilot was about using Telia's human mobility data to see how this data affects the city, how it changes the patterns of movement every day. These insights help to create a more sustainable neighborhood.

Digital Crops and Linas Agro

The pilot of Linas Agro and Digital Crops was a really unique one. Check the story when the leader in agriculture in the Baltics Linas Agro collaborates with Digital Crops, a hardware startup, to boost the sustainable approach in the industry.

Elblox and Elektrum

When two great experiences Elektrum Lietuva and Elblox meet each other! Learning new methods, a better understanding of business in the Baltic region, and even more great insights were taken from Rockit Impact Accelerator.

Cogastro and TeleSoftas

According to TeleSoftas, Cogastro has a meaning for the future and this is what humanity is going to use for 20 or 100 years after, and realizing this brings a lot of motivation. Working together during Rockit Impact Accelerator they both - startup and the business had a great time not only to inspire each other but also learn new working models.


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10 Aug 2021

The Stories of The Accelerator's Pilot Projects

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