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Rockit Impact Accelerator
  • What value will your startup get from the B2B accelerator programme?
    i.Pilot project / New client traction: New business development by testing and validating - win-win for both startup and corporate “2 years in 4 months” - speeded up partnership process due to constant facilitation from chief mentors and dedicated human resources by the partner ii. Sustainability to the core of your business: Making sure you are scaling the impact with each sale by integrating sustainability in your business model with a personal sustainability coach Global network of sustainability experts and advisors from Sweden, Estonia, the UK, Denmark and Lithuania. iii. Community for Growth: International Advisors: B2B contacts for future scaling Peer to peer startup sharing iv. Impact Investors: Meetings with impact angels and funds Workshops and mentoring to prepare for impact investment rounds Knowledge sharing with other impact startups v. Regional knowledge: Introductions to the national governmental organisations Market insights from mentors and other stakeholders Understanding industry requirements and trends during the pilot
  • Why is it a different accelerator programme?
    While we use the word “accelerator”, ROCKIT impact accelerator is more of a B2B growth programme for later stage sustainability-oriented startups. Most accelerator programs target early stage startups and help them find a market fit and initial investment, however, the goal of ROCKIT impact accelerator is to help already existing startups with proven traction to scale with top B2B companies in a sustainable way. The partnership created between the startup and a corporate shall result in a completed pilot project and ideally - a long term partnership. Additionally, the startups receive individual consulting and workshops on particular topics relevant to the startup’s long term success (f.e. Sustainable business model, Communicating sustainability, Market expansion in the Baltics, etc).
  • Is there any programme participation fee?
    Accelerator program is equity free and does not require any payment for participation in the program. The payment of any expenses between the startup and the pilot partner that may be endured during the accelerator shall be paid according to the agreement between the startup and the pilot partner.
  • What is the duration of the accelerator programme?
    The accelerator programme has three phases: March: in March we are focusing only on the pilot project - its MVP, success metrics, validation plan. Startup is working together with the Project Manager from the corporate and Accelerator organizers are facilitating the workshops and meetings. April - May: During these 2 months, the accelerator programme will focus on the sustainability strategy creation and business development topics needed to scale the business. The workshops will be adjusted based on the startup needs. At the end of May / June we are going to have a Demo Day, in which we are inviting investors from the whole region. June - September: Finishing the pilot project with the facilitation from the Accelerator team.
  • What is the intensity of the programme?
    As the accelerator targets later stage startups, the program is tailored to the needs of such startups and only requires a minimum amount of resources from the startup. During most weeks, the week’s agenda is set to fit into 4 hours: ~1hr commitment on Monday, ~2hr commitment on Wednesday ~1hr commitment on Friday.
  • What are the roles of the chief mentors?
    Chief mentors serve as a bridge between the startup and the corporate partner. They support the startups with advice and mentorship regarding the pilot project and other matters within the program. Chief mentors would also help startups meet the right industry leaders and external mentors for the founders to achieve their goals during the ROCKIT Impact Accelerator.
  • Who runs ROCKIT Impact Accelerator?
    ROCKIT Impact Accelerator is run jointly by Katalista Ventures and ROCKIT Vilnius. Katalista Ventures is responsible for the Accelerator programme, the partnerships between startups and corporates as well as the organizational aspect of the accelerator. ROCKIT Vilnius is responsible for the premises of the program, communication and events management. You can find our team with current responsibilities on our website:
  • What investments does Katalista Ventures make in its accelerator portfolio companies?
    Katalista Ventures, while running an accelerator, is also a private equity fund that supports Triple Top Line startups. While we focus on investing in early stage startups, we often co-invest in later stage rounds with Katalista Ventures tickets being up to 100K EUR. There is no pre-determined investment agreement when joining the accelerator and any investment shall be up for a discussion after the programme.
Rockit Impact Accelerator
Rockit Impact Accelerator

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