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The FinTech and Sustainable Innovation Centre ROCKIT together with a dozen of other organisations is inviting citizens and businesses to attend a series of activities and events aimed at teaching people how to adopt more sustainable practices. Lithuanian currently ranks 25th out of 31 countries in Europe Sustainable Development Report. We have a lot of space for improvement and we can not only shift our attitude but also improve our country’s economy and our lives in general, event organisers claim.

Organised for the first time, the Sustainability Week will start this Monday, 31 May, and will continue up until Friday. The list of attendees who will share their experiences in remote discussions and events include the representatives of Swedbank, Telia Lietuva, GovTech Lab, VšĮ Žaliosios politikos institutas, Vilnius City Municipality, Katalista Ventures, Impact Meetup, Sunrise Valley (Science & Technology park), Cogastro, Ioon Technologies, Plan A, Impacftul, Eastnine, and other organisations.

“We hope that the Sustainability Week events will open up a broader perspective on sustainability. Sustainability is still a new topic in Lithuania so businesses who take initiative in this field can become leaders in building a better and more harmonious world. Sustainability is like a continuous journey which should become part of our daily life. That is why our goal is to help people understand how sustainability could create positive impact on our lives, economy, and businesses”, said Šarūnė Smalakytė, Director of the ROCKIT centre responsible for organising the event.

According to her, the events which will last all week will be useful to businesses that are still in their growing stages and those that already have a strong foothold in the market and need inspiration or understanding as to how to create a sustainable organisational culture. Experts agree that today it is no longer enough to talk about sustainability or make sustainability declarations. The urgent and real action is needed to achieve change.

A review conducted this year by the private equity fund and sustainable start-up accelerator Katalista Ventures showed that Lithuanian businesses and their leaders lack a holistic approach to sustainability. It sheds light on the fact that companies in Lithuania have a rather narrow focus when it comes to sustainability. They often concentrate on one or two aspects, for example, they only speak about environmental protection without contributing to the education of consumers or employees.

European Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius who will give a welcoming address during the opening ceremony said that this event will contribute to the ambitious goals set by the European Union.

“In striving to meet the European Union’s commitment to becoming a climate-neutral continent, we all, especially business communities, have a crucial part to play. Besides creating attractive jobs, businesses can also address ecological problems by either changing their business models to more sustainable alternatives or by creating innovative solutions which are today so vital for transport, agricultural, environmental, energy, urban, and other sectors. I know perfectly well that Lithuanian businesses have immense potential and I believe that Lithuania can become one of the leaders in achieving this breakthrough”, said Mr. Sinkevičius.

According to the event organisers, the FinTech sector and new start-ups are in a particularly good position to create sustainable businesses.

“This year can become a breakthrough year marking the transition of businesses towards sustainable practices. The finances from the European Recovery Fund are expected to provide a significant impetus for the implementation of the European Green Deal. Moreover, it becomes increasingly clear, that sustainability does not mean lower profitability. One of the discussions will focus on the fact that new businesses that adhere to sustainability principles have more potential to attract investors and earn customer trust”, said Ms. Smalakytė.

The highlights of the Sustainability Week programme will include a bee-keeping programme and an introduction to urban bee-keeping including the tour of the beehives set up on the rooftop of ROCKIT building. All the participants will be invited to join remote functional, yoga and ballet fitness sessions led by professional instructors and to attend walks and a brain battle event.

“This week and its comprehensive programme are an excellent example of how a sustainable lifestyle involves not only environment protection and taking care of nature or climate but also healthy living, sports and education,” concluded on a positive note Ms. Smalakytė, director of ROCKIT.

The Sustainability Week will take place from 31 May to 4 June. Participation in the events is free for all registered participants. To view the event programme and to register, visit:


For more information, contact:

Kamilė Mazrimė

ROCKIT Events and Public Relations

+370 652 53218


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Kamilė Mazrimė

31 May 2021

Citizens and businesses are invited to kick off summer by participating in the Sustainability Week

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