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Yes, sustainability can be a strategy!

#Sustainability and #sustainablebusiness are well-known buzzwords that almost all of us hear in the business meetings, see on our social media feed, or chat about it while having a morning coffee. But are we really aware of how to empower sustainability in our daily business activities?

The world is changing every day - those companies and countries which adopt and implement a broad range of sustainability practices lead the change and thrive. ROCKIT as a Home of Sustainable Innovation initiates the panel discussion, which aims to share the insights and experiences about sustainability integration to the core of the business strategy, facilitation of the business transformation towards sustainability, and collaboration between different entities that can create a positive impact together with:

  •  Gediminas Judzentas, CMO at AUGA group.

  •  Rita Sakus, Founding and Board Member at LitBAN.

  •  Laimonas Noreika, CEO & Co-founder at ZITICITY.

  •  Arnoldas Pranckevičius, Head of European Commission Representation in Lithuania.

The panel discussion is moderated by Alex Gibb, partner at Katalista Ventures.

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1 Sep 2020

Panel discussion: How superficial is your sustainability strategy?

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Panel discussion: How superficial is your sustainability strategy?

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