More than one month of the ROCKIT Impact accelerator has already passed and we want to introduce you to our programme startups!


Elblox develops and runs digital energy transaction platforms that are used for delivering renewable energy from producers directly to consumers. They create a new customer experience for energy by tracing energy back to its source, visualization of energy flows, monitoring consumption and/or generation, and providing tools to manage costs or invoices in real-time.

During Rockit Impact Accelerator Elblox is piloting with our partner Elektrum!


Sustainable cities mission or vision? Datahood says both!

Datahood is an online location intelligence platform that helps businesses analyze territories without a dedicated data analyst role.

Datahood's partner in the accelerator is Telia.


Earthbanc is creating a financial system that works better for people, and the planet. During the acceleration program, they are piloting with our partner Swedbank.


Meet Cogastro - startup that is piloting together with our partner TeleSoftas.

Cogastro is the core management system for edible insect farms. The solution captures important data and tracks operations to assure traceability and improve farming efficiency.

Digital Crops

Digitas Crops - Agriculture startup working with the data-driven CRM, sensors and data analysis to enable higher yield, reduction in water and fertilisers needed.

Digital Crops is partnering with Linas Agro.

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Meet accelerator's startups!

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